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Geospatial Platform Project - Harmonization Is the Key to Success

Meet Project Manager Antti Jakobsson and Chief Specialist Heli Laaksonen at Paikkatietoalusta - Geospatial Platform Project -exhibition stand.

Geospatial Platform Project is a national platform for accessing national base data themes such as buildings, traffic networks, aerial and satellite imagery, point clouds, hydrography, land cover and land use, addresses etc.

The unique feature of the platform is that it offers harmonization tools for the data providers so that for example cities may check the quality of data automatically. Users of platform are offered various APIs how to start utilizing the geospatial data. One of the key aspects is the data should be easily be connected to other data, used in decision making processes and be used in use cases where geospatial is not currently utilized.

These include sectors like health care but also built environment. Geospatial platform is connecting smart cities and building a secure and innovative geospatial ecosystem in Finland.

For more information, check out or visit us at Paikkatietoalusta - Geospatial Platform Project -exhibition stand at the Smart City Nordic. Project Manager Antti Jakobsson.

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