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National Laser Scanning Program - Laser Scanning Data from Whole of Finland

Laser scanning data from City of Pori

National Land Survey of Finland is providing laser scanning data, which is utilised i.a. for making topographic models. Topographic models are used for example in route optimisation and data collection applications and in applications studying water discharge and the forms of the ground surface. Laser scanning data is also utilised for creating contour lines.

At the moment we are heading towards the new era of national laser scanning programme. The current laser scanning will be completed all over Finland for the first time next year. The goal is to have laser scanning data available of the whole of Finland and produce data in a fixed cycle of six years with a point density of 5p/m2. This programme is synchronized with the Aerial Image Program and productions starts in 2020.

We are now preparing the 2020-plan in a Laser2020-project, which aims at clarifying the requirements for the 2nd LIDAR round, investigating available technologies and services, defining new LIDAR parameters and also creating a precise plan and funding mechanisms. The work is done in co-operation with Forest Centre, Environment Institute, Transport Agency, Finavia (Airport operator), Defence Forces and Ministry of Agriculture and Forestry.

For more information, please contact Chief Specialist Juha Kareinen, You can also visit Paikkatietoalusta - Geospatial Platform Project -exhibition stand at the Smart City Nordic and ask more about the project.

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