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New Era in Land Use Planning

Currently, Finnish municipalities and regions generate and maintain data about land use in various different ways. The data has become siloed among various operators and thus, it cannot be utilised in a common electronic form. Overlapping work is done which wastes resources and tax money. The majority of land use decision data is not easily available in a standardised, machine-readable format.

That is why we have developed Land Use Decisions project, promoting the digitalisation process of land use and construction planning in Finland.

Land use decision project is a part of wide national Geospatial Platform project, aiming to harmonise and extensively improve e-services provided by the public administration, to improve data-based decision-making and increase transparency, as well as to save public administration costs, e.g. by enabling the efficient maintenance of data resources, removing overlapping activities and harmonising datasets.

About the objectives

Land use decision project contributes intensely to the digitalisation process of the Land Use and Building Act reform. The focus is on promoting the digitalisation of the land use planning system.

In this project, scattered land use decision data is harmonised, collected and made easily available and usable. Novel business opportunities that utilise the land use decision data are promoted.

Outlines are created for converting the land use decision information models into a machine-readable format that meets the international standards. Land use decisions are created from the essential land use decision information models such as local plans and general city plans.

We also provide assistance to municipalities in their INSPIRE implementations.

Vision of digital planning in the future

  • Guidance and supervision in planning processes and taxation will be automated when possible

  • Information-based decision-making will increase the democracy in planning.

  • Land use planning will be based on information models.

  • All plans and necessary data will be available via open APIs.

For more information, please contact Project Manager (Ministry of Environment). You can also visit Paikkatietoalusta - Geospatial Platform Project -exhibition stand at the Smart City Nordic and ask more about the project.

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