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New National Topographic Database brings 3D-models available from all of Finland

National Land Survey of Finland, in collaboration with municipalities, produces semantically rich 3D-models of all of Finland. 3D-models will be available in Level-of-Detail 2 (CityGML) and consist of features such as buildings and bridges.

3D-data is available on National Topographic Database (Kansallinen maastotietokanta). The production begins with 3D-buildings and follows the schedule of the national laser scanning programme.

3D-models provide new type of advantages for users of various backgrounds. City of Kajaani has used the 3D-city models to improve the planning and decision making process of new construction projects.

The city model can be used to provide more context when used in the background of more detailed BIM-models. The city model will give a better understanding to decision makers as well as to the citizens on how the new construction impacts surrounding environment.

Watch video.

For more information, please contact Chief Specialist Joonas Jokela, You can also visit Paikkatietoalusta - Geospatial Platform Project -exhibition stand at the Smart City Nordic and ask more about the project.

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