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The digital solutions of the future are made with the customer in mind

What does the customer of the future want? New devices and technologies? The market has long been waiting for the launch of various smart glasses and other accessories that would enable consumers to access virtual reality and augmented reality services. We can only speculate on when these products will actually hit the market, but when they do, it is likely that their proliferation will be as rapid as the proliferation of advanced smartphones was this decade. However, the key question we ought to consider is what does the customer of the future actually want?

If there’s one thing that the war between smartphone ecosystems has taught us, it’s that whether a technology survives on the market is not determined by its ubiquity or quality, but rather by how well it meets the needs and expectations of customers.

Succeeding on the market takes more than introducing new devices and technologies. It is far more important to consider how these devices can be utilised in the future and what kind of services will be available for them.

Grano has joined the digital leap by developing a “Digital building” in SokoPro for the benefit of our clients. The “Digital building” is an entirely new concept intended for the 3D modelling of properties, allowing sites to be showcased three dimensionally in great detail. The 3D model of the property is created by utilising building information modelling or industry standard formats. The concept allows models to be produced quickly and cost-efficiently for use on the Internet, mobile devices or virtual reality devices, for example.

Once a property has been digitalised, the model can be used to create views of the building in the form of images or 360 degree panoramas. Sites can also be demonstrated in different configurations, and the views can be imposed on the real environment to make it easier to form an overall picture of the location.

The service provides customers with a general view of the property and helps picture what the area will look like once construction is complete, for example. As such, the service offers added value to customers in the marketing of properties, for example.

However, the digital solutions of the future are developed for the customers of the future, and in the end it is the customer who decides what kind of digital services he or she wishes to purchase.

We believe that the “Digital building” is SokoPro’s first leap towards new digital services that will benefit our clients, and in the future we will continue to develop new services based on our clients’ wishes.

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