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Ensto Workspaces – Because Someone Has to Re-invent Light

Light isn’t just something that is merely sensed on the outside. It is more of a positive experience within. A work community has just as many needs as it has members and now we are taking a major leap in catering to these individual needs.

Ensto Workspaces is a groundbreaking solution to seeing light in a completely new light. It also changes the way we think about the experience of light and how that experience impacts people. Modern technology transforms light into a personal and positive experience.

Experience new light

The positive experience of light has many clear impacts within people – better vibes, better vitality and more energy. Ensto Workspaces solution changes the work environment into an inspirational tool. It expands mere light into a personal experience while increasing wellbeing at work both for individuals and teams alike.

As an open IoT-solution Ensto Workspaces offers not just lighting control and outstanding conversion flexibility but also additional benefits like office utilization rate measurement, presence information and, in the future, other services that bring added value.

Personal light with Blue Ocean -technology

Ensto is developing a new Blue Ocean technology that uses Wirepas Mesh network. It enables wireless IoT networking at massive scale. Wirepas Mesh is a decentralized IoT network protocol that can be used to connect, locate, and identify lights, sensors, assets, trackers and devices.

Blue Ocean technology makes light personal, it meets individual needs and preferences. This means that the work environment adapts to the habits and preferences of the people using a space and not the other way around. Technology combines traditional and modern control: light can be controlled with buttons, sensors and a mobile application.

Also, Blue Ocean includes many modern features like observing office utilization and detecting free space. With Blue Ocean technology, Ensto Workspaces offers its customers a possibility to create a work environment where every single employee's wellbeing is a priority.

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