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What is the best EV charger for you and your business

We both know that green values go hand in hand with electric vehicles and EV charging. Then, how can you as a retailer express your green values and benefit from the more direct commercial opportunities of EV charging? In short, the answer is by selecting the best EV charger to support your business model and by providing value with EV charging.

Yet this is a little too simple of an answer, so let’s see what other opportunities there are for you to benefit from, when choosing the right EV charger for your business.

How do I select the best EV charger for my business?

So what come’s next? In this blog we divide EV chargers into three different categories: (1) wall mounted units, (2) stylish and durable, and lastly (3) media enhanced chargers. They all have their own natural habitat, where the chargers thrive. By knowing these, you are able to select the best EV charger for your business, and this is what we’ll next help you do.

But first, you might be interested in the commercial benefits that an EV charger in general can bring to your business.

The most obvious one is that it attracts new electric car driving customers to your business location. In addition to this it keeps the customers shopping for a longer period of time. Retailers often aim to ~2h and refer to this as the “dwell time”, as this grows the amount of money people spend on shopping.

Another way you can generate revenue with the right EV charger, is by billing EV drivers for the electricity. Whether you bill them or not, the option to load your car battery has often resulted in good social media publicity (this is gold in today’s world). So, as you can see, there are many ways you can benefit from EV charging and the aforementioned ones are just a few of them.

Then how can you benefit from the mentioned opportunities and which charger should you choose for your business? Let’s take a dive into the natural habitats of these chargers and see which of them brings you and your customer the value you want.

Do you want to grow your revenue with EV charging? Learn which EV charging for retail business model suits your business.

This is how you select the best EV charger for you: Right charger in the right location

Let’s now take a look at the natural habitat of these chargers. As we earlier mentioned, we have three different kind of charger categories which are:

  1. Wall mounted units, are often used for in places like underground parking areas where the space is limited. These can be fit into a small area and one unit can supply energy with multiple (~4) EVs. Then for who is the wall mounted unitfor? You should consider getting one for your customer and employee parking with just a couple of parking spaces.

  2. Podium/Floor Mounted Chargers: Stylish and durable chargers are a great way to lift your brand image and communicate green values. Whereas the wall mounted units are optimal for tight spaces, the stylish and durable models can load higher number of EVs. Then who the stylish and durable charger for? It is optimal for larger parking areas and any outside parking spaces. They are designed to last and highlight your green brand.

  3. Media enhanced chargers are a lot like the stylish and durable ones. The big difference here is the high-quality screen on the media chargers. This let’s you display your company’s brand in more prominent light and even sell ad space to generate additional revenue. Then who is the media enhanced model for? This fits well in any space where there are people passing by or spending time, this is how you get the most out of your media enhanced EV charger. I like to call these the E-Vision chargers.

The Following infographic should help you understand these chargers and their optimal locations a little more:

Well look at you! Now we are on the same page when it comes to EV charger types. But do you know just yet, which EV charger is the right one for you and your business? Let’s finish by digesting what we have learned.

Best EV charger for my business

As you might have noticed, the mentioned chargers have many things in common. So, to answer, which is the right charger for you, ask yourself: is your charging space limited? If yes, then most likely the right option for you is the wall mounted unit.

On the other hand, when your retail business is operating in more public spaces, it can be a good idea to pick either the stylish and durable one, or the media enhanced charger.

Then, how do these compare with each other? When your goal is to provide just quality charging, then the stylish and durableone is enough. But selecting the media enhanced charger brings a bunch of additional benefits to your table.

The media screen lifts your visual brand image and it provides you with the possibility to interact with customers that are outside of your actual store. This helps you sell more of the “slow moving” products and direct people to your shop. This way the media model pays itself back in 10 to 18 months, which is relatively quickly now that you think about it.

In the future the media enhanced chargers will likely include touch screen technology that deepens the customer experience, so it is good idea to get a modular product with the capability to evolve as the Market does. In selecting the best EV charger for you and to help you grow your retail business with EV charging, you can check our retail guidebook, which we created to aid you developing your business with EV charging.

Do you want to grow your revenue with EV charging? Learn which EV charging for retail business model suits your business.

Now that you are updated on the charger types and natural habitat of each, you might want to make sure you will stay up to date in the future as well. To do so, you can order our free EV charging newsletter, that will keep you informed in this rapidly changing EV ecosystem. What do say? Ready, set, charge!

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