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11 Reasons Why EV Charging and Digital Advertising is SMART Business for Shopping Centers and Parkin

In year 2017 we witnessed a huge leap towards sustainable and healthier transportation. Plug-in volumes have more than tripled since 2013 and continuing on last year's growth rate of 42 %, it would mean 8 out of 10 cars sold in 2030 would be plug-ins. All major car makers such as Volkswagen, Toyota, GM and Ford, to name a few, announced plans to go electric during 2017.

This means that Increasing number of consumers need places to fill up their batteries while on the move. Despite the impressive growth numbers, so far we have only seen the tip of the iceberg of electric vehicle adoption. Many are still scratching their heads on how you can capitalize the new opportunities for EV charging business.

We understand what makes EV SMART Business and work hard to ensure our customers achieve a sustainable infrastructure. In 2017 we introduced the first EV Charging Station with digital signage. To some this seemed a novel product, however, our aim was to merge the success of digital signage and advertising with the benefit of EV Charging. Enter 2018 we have evolved the product even further - see the new Ensto Media below!

With that in mind I want to share you eleven reasons why it is smart business for shopping centers, parking operators and municipalities to combine digital advertising with EV charging.

  1. 800 studies by Nielsen have shown that for every dollar spent on digital advertising, they can achieve a return of investment of almost 3 dollars in return!!!

  2. Brand Science and Microsoft did a study that showed marrying Online Marketing with Digital signage increases campaign return of investment by +51%

  3. Digital Display for a Specific Product has been proven to increase for that item by 60% (Digital Signage Magazine)

  4. Digital signage unlike instore signage has been proven to increase sales of products that may have been just sitting in the warehouse……sounds like a great time to do a promotion for those products!

  5. Digital signage was valued at 19.6 Billion dollars in 2016 with its continual growth it is forecasted to reach 32.8 Billion dollars in 2023, couple that with the growth of EV charging and the curiosity it creates you are in a great position to improve your ROI

  6. With the rise of Open Data, Digital Signage stands to increase interaction with customers, improving efficiency of how you connect with your customer base….exciting! Time to integrate your loyalty cards to EV Charging and Digital signage…..

  7. Digital Signage is quick and can be changed frequently allowing you to adapt to market demands or strategically react to social changes

  8. Digital signage captures 400% more views than static signage, make it eye catching to drive business!

  9. Studies have shown 8/10 Customers enter stores because of digital signage (

  10. 80% of Brands interviewed saw 33% uplift in additional sales utilising digital signage (Burke 2009)

  11. Biggest uplift being 11x on direct category’s and 7x on family products (Burke 2009)

So there you have it Digital Signage plus EV Charging is SMART Business! Are you ready for the evolution of Charging? Or are you waiting for others to lead the way? No matter your position contact us or our partners today and they can tell you more about how you can utilise the power of both EV charging and advertising to increase your return of investment!

The last thing I’m going to say is that if you ever come across a question about EV charging, and would like to get an answer to it, please, don’t hesitate to shoot us an email, or contact us via Twitter that matter. We’re here to help.

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