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The Top 10 Practical Questions to Ask about EV Charger Installation

If you are making an EV charger installation, or if you are working as a subcontractor or EV charging point installer, getting your charging points up and running can be a daunting task. It's important to know what questions to ask, and who is responsible.

What do EV charging point installers do?

Of course, your usage case, EV charging business model, and choice of EV charging station manufacturer, have a big impact on these practical considerations. The regulations in your local area and the need for any permits or inspections can also strongly affect your choice of supplier – and will have a big impact on the budget.

Experienced EV charging point installers are familiar with these questions, but let’s look at some of the basics:

Physical EV charger location

  • Do your EV charging points require protective rails, shields or guards?

  • Does the location of the charger mean that a concrete base or other structure is required?

Signage for drivers

  • Is signage planned and budgeted, including mounting, brackets, installation and power requirements?

  • Has public signage been budgeted and approved/licensed with the local municipality/council?

  • How will parking bays be marked – will they be painted, stenciled, printed or use thermoplastic?

Electricity supply

  • Do your EV chargers require changes to your electricity supply?

  • If a new electricity supply is needed, who is responsible for coordinating with the energy supplier and has it been planned to include a feeder pillar, distribution board, meter?

EV charger set-up on site

  • Who is responsible for shipping, tracking and receiving your EV charging points?

  • How are your charging cables configured and is a padlock or carry case required and included?

  • Is commissioning, set-up and testing of network connectivity and VPN/APN planned and budgeted?

How can businesses reduce the pain of EV charger installation?

If your core business is not the EV charging business then EV charger installation can be time-consuming and expensive. Smart business is to choose the best EV charging station manufacturer and the right suppliers that understand your business.

We work with an extensive network of electric vehicle charging point installation specialists. With many of our business customers, we work in partnership with resellers, EV charging infrastructure specialists, or charging point network operators.

We have an open approach to partnership. EV charging is a relatively young industry and we know that different suppliers work best for different business needs. We also encourage everyone in EV charging to think long-term beyond installation.

The smart integration of EVs to the grid will radically change the energy landscape.

The Ensto difference – lower lifetime costs

We want to make EV charging smart business – and part of that means reducing installation and set-up time and costs. All our Ensto EV charging stations are easy to install and set-up:

  • Robust hardware, rigorously tested in temperature extremes, ready for private, semi-public or public space

  • Modular designs with single/dual options and a variety of cabling configurations

  • Factory pre-commissioning of network settings– ready to connect out-of-the-box

  • Cloud-based remote management software and preventive maintenance

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